How old is too old to take newborn photos?

How old is too old to take newborn photos?

From the moment of conception to your final due date, prepping and planning becomes essential. To capture some of your baby’s very first moments, it is best to plan your newborn photos ahead of time. Our suggested timeline for newborn photos has got you covered, giving you one more thing to cross off your to-do list!

Planning Ahead

If you want to capture your newborn in those cute curly poses all snuggled and swaddled, it is best to take newborn photos 5 to 12 days after giving birth. That being said, it is important to somewhat plan ahead with your newborn photographer, an approximation of when the shoot should take place. Planning ahead helps with the stress of clearing your calendar for after the baby comes, and gives the photographer time to plan the shoot. When working with a popular photographer, such as Gina Palumbo at Keep It Captured Photography, it is best to schedule your shoot at least 2 to 3 months before your due date.

Planning to have your newborn photos done a week after they are born, means a smooth shoot is in your future. That is because prior to the 5 days mark your baby is getting used to his or her new feeding schedule, and after the 12 days mark your baby is more active and it might be more difficult to pose them. The younger they are, the more likely they are to curl up into those womb-like poses, they stay asleep for longer periods, and they don’t mind being unclothed as long as they are kept warm. Give your newborn photographer a call the day of or the day after you have your baby to confirm and adjust the date and time of your newborn session that works for everyone.

Can I still have a newborn shoot after the 12-day mark?

Of course, you can! It can be hectic after the baby comes home with you from the hospital. Things come up, and parenthood can be hard! So for whatever reason, it may be, you miss your 12-day window and come up on the later side of things, it is still possible to get your newborn photos taken. Confirm with your photographer that they will be able to accommodate, but don’t fret as there is still the possibility of having your newborn photos taken. That being said, the poses might be a little different and if the shoot isn’t at smooth, it may mean a smaller gallery. As your little one grows, their behavior can be slightly unpredictable and they become more active. This makes it difficult to capture the poses where we need the baby very still to achieve.

Don’t feel discouraged if you miss the 12-day mark. As long as you are prepared that the shoot might be a little bit different than if you had booked prior to that day, your gallery will still be everything you imagined! Different concepts will be introduced as your newborn will be mostly awake rather than asleep!

Keep It Captured Photography welcomes people of all ages and we hope to capture any special moment for your family. We hope this guide can assist you with planning your newborn photoshoot and keep a lookout for our future posts on maternity sessions and more!

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