Top 5 Reasons to Choose Studio Newborn sessions vs. Home Sessions

Stress – Less 

With an in-studio newborn photo session I will have the advantage of being able to set my studio up and be ready to start your session as soon as you arrive, wasting no time. With a newborn in tow, you’ll  appreciate the combination of a great photo session in less time. Sessions in my studio generally take 2 to 3 hours.

Access to my Prop Selection 

Based on your preferences, your precious new baby’s session will be styled and prepped with multiple sets in place allowing us to move easily from one set to the next.  We don’t have to come into your home and move furniture just to accommodate the set ups.

The light is consistent and is always beautiful

Being in my studio allows me to have more control over many elements for your newborn photo shoot. This includes more control over lighting, space and white balance in your photos. When all of these elements are controlled and used to their best advantage, this results in the highest quality photos of your adorable new addition.

My studio was created with newborns in mind 

As a new parent, there are so many things that run through your mind when you take your newborn out of the house.  My studio was designed with all of the concerns a newborn parent might have from a sanitary environment to safety, my studio is safe, clean, cheery, warm, peaceful, and bright- the perfect environment for you and your newborn to share your first photoshoot experience.

Enjoy and Relax 

You just had a baby!   Take a moment to sit back and relax on our sofa.  It’s hard to relax when you’re in your own home. Whether you’re having to entertain visiting friends and family, or feel like you need to tidy your home, you won’t be resting.   The day should be filled with beautiful memories….

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