Newborn Photography in Westchester, NY

Few things are more life-changing than adding a newborn baby to your home. The start of motherhood and fatherhood marks an important demarcation in your life. While you’ll never get back your precious moments with your newborn baby, you can encapsulate the moment with a professional photo shoot.

Newborn Photographer in Westchester

Keep It Captured Photography has built its reputation as a premier photographer in Westchester, NY. We do all sorts of photo shoots for our valued clients, including newborn photography sessions. To help accommodate our clients, we provide access to a full closet of clothing options. You can choose from many types of clothing, including newborn swaddles, headbands, outfits, and hats for your baby. We also have several props available to augment the shoot, including bowls, baskets, and other items. That said, we also have stuff for Mom to choose from, as you have full access to our client closets. In addition, we have clothing for older siblings and solid-colored shirts for dads if they need something dressy for the shoot!

We provide our clients with a relaxed atmosphere…we want you to have fun at your shoot! As a family photographer, we work wonderfully with children. Please note we can do indoor or outdoor shoots. If you choose to go the indoor route, we will figure out the right lighting and provide a relaxed atmosphere for your shoot.

If you have any general or specific questions about the newborn photography services we offer in Westchester, NY, contact us today.