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Fresh, bright, and timeless define Gina Palumbos style as she captures the candid moments and portrays the love your family emits.

Gina is a well-rounded photographer who focuses not only on newborn and maternity shoots, but dabbles in special events, mini sessions, boudoir, and lifestyle as well. With a breathtaking studio location, she is able to feed off the suns natural light and the beautiful greenery that surrounds it to make each moment special and unique. Gina has numerous workshops under her belt, and with over a hundred babies photographed, she is far from inexperienced. Her entrepreneurial attitude has allowed her to find her niche with her own brand, Keep It Captured Photography.

Where Keep It Captured Came From

Gina Palumbo grew up in Yorktown, New York where she attended Lakeland high school finding her passion for photography. She began an internship her senior year of college with a renowned photographer from the Poconos, Susie Forrester, grasping a variety of skills she carried throughout her final college days. Ginas studies began at East Stroudsburg University. Double majoring in communications and media communications with a focus in photography, those skills were only further developed.

She then began working with Bella Baby Photography in 2013, photographing newborns in the hospital where she developed new skills and techniques. Her exquisite work and contribution to the company led her to become a manager in 2015. She only recently stepped down, as Keep It Captured Photography has grown significantly into the company she has always dreamed of. Her passion for newborn and family photography is conspicuous as her bubbly, joyful personality radiates through each session.

Workshops and Conferences

Gina has attended a plethora of photography workshops of which include the brilliant minds of Bcouture Photography, Inspire Photo Retreats, and Alex Wiciel to name a few. Not only has she attended these photography workshops but she has taught a couple at her studio, educating aspiring photographers with her own tips and tricks. 

Bella Baby Photography began holding an annual conference 4 years ago, of which Gina has attended 3 during her time as manager. This workshop is specifically tailored to newborn, maternity and family photographers, informing and educating photographers for 2 full days

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